Dr. Ashok Mukherjee

Years Practicing: 25

Dr. Mukherjee is a graduate of the University of Toronto and completed his postgraduate specialty training in Internal Medicine and Cardiology at University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital. He received the outstanding service award from S.A Heart Health Group in 2006 and the 3M Healthcare Quality Team Award in 2001.

He has been a practicing cardiologist in Scarborough for 20 years. Dr. Mukherjee has a special interest in innovative non-invasive cardiac imaging technologies. “There are many new and improving methods of identifying patients at higher risk of developing coronary disease.” He is involved in many community initiatives that address the prevention of coronary disease for those with a high risk of heart disease, diabetics, and South Asians.

“For me, the most important aspect of patient care is creating an “equal partner” relationship with my patients. As their healthcare partner, I can empower my patients to make lifestyle choices that will lead to better health, and help them choose the treatment strategies that are best suited to them.”